Question: I have some questions with JaxEdit. Where could I get the answer?

Answer: You could send your questions to the JaxEdit users group.

Question: I have found some bugs with JaxEdit. Where could I report them?

Answer: You could report these bugs in the issues page.

Question: When watching presentations, how to show the browser window in full screen?

Answer: On Windows and Linux, press key F11; while on Mac OS X, press key Ctrl + Cmd + F in Safari or Shift + Cmd + F in Firefox and Chrome.

Question: When using on touch devices, there is no code highlighting in JaxEdit editor.

Answer: Append query string highlight=1 to the URL; or directly click this link.

Question: When opening my SkyDrive, there is no files in it.

Answer: For simplicity, JaxEdit only reads and writes files inside the "JaxEdit" folder in SkyDrive.